Worcester County.
ESTABLISHED as " Templetown" March 6,
1762, from the plantation called "Narragansett
Number Six." Part set off to Gardner June 27, 1785,and part included in new town of Gerry (Phillipston)Oct. 20, 1786.
Population at different periods: 1765, 348; 1776, 1,016; 1790, 950; 1800,1,068; 1810, 1,205; J 820, 1,331; 1830, 1,552; 1840, 1,776; 1850, 2,173.
Population in 1905, 3,783.
(The above language was found on the attached document, Templeton Vital Records, from the Library of Congress and appears to have been printed in 1905)


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